Our philosophy: Good, clean, fair



Doypack’s philosophy identifies with that of the Slow Food movement in terms of good farming practices and offering consumers fairly traded food.

GOOD We believe that what we eat should taste good.

CLEAN We believe that food should be produced in a manner not to harm the planet, other living creatures and our health.

FAIR We believe that farmers should trade their produce fairly, and consumers should buy their food at fair prices.


We use locally sourced ingredients in our products. We choose the ingredients among local varieties that give the best taste and flavor. Tomatoes come from Tokat and Bafra (Samsun), lentils from Kızıltepe (Mardin), bulgur from Yozgat, pumpkins from Adapazarı, and broccoli from Bafra (Samsun) ... All of our products are additive-free and natural.

The recipes of our soups have been formulated as a result of R&D studies, and flavors stabilized with our computer-controlled system.

Our soups are cooked slowly at low heat (not exceeding 85°C or 185°F) in special temperature-controlled containers in a computerized environment, untouched by human hands, and brewing in their own oil, smell and aromas. What gives our soups their extraordinary flavor is this special patented cooking method, which ensures that nutritional values are preserved.

The healthy and delicious soups that we produce using this cooking technique are distributed in uninterrupted cold chain, and offered for sale in +4°C (+39°F) fridges in supermarkets.