With its preparation technique,

A first in Turkey and the World!


We would like to start off by identifying the situation.

Do we buy fabric, thread, etc. to sew our clothes?

If we are not a tailor, then no.

But why?

There is already a giant global apparel and ready-to-wear industry to meet our needs, that is why.

So why do we cook our food?

Why do we buy beef or chicken and vegetables, etc. and spend hours in the kitchen? Why are women imprisoned in their own kitchens? And for life.

It is like a life sentence.

The reason is that there isn’t enough ready-to-eat food variety in the market to meet consumer demand and that we can trust. We cannot find such food products in the supermarkets.

Or rather, we couldn’t until now...

And from now on, we will...

Doypack will be available.

We started with Doypack soups.

Healthy and affordable Doypack soups are now available in supermarkets for your convenience.


We operate in the food industry. We produce healthy and non-perishable ready-to-eat food that people, who pursue conscious nutrition, seek but are unable to find in the market. We can guess what goes on in your mind when we say ready-to-eat food. We are certainly aware of the society’s view of “ready foods”. However, as we said, Doypack has entered the market with the ambition of offering a healthy and delicious food product. To achieve that, samples are taken at every stage of production by internationally accredited laboratories for regular testing of food worthiness. We have also filed an application for FDA approval.

Doypack is offered in the market as a “heat & eat” product.


Doypack “heat & eat” soups are a first in the world with our production model and preparation technique.

Our products, with recipes formulated as a result of R&D studies, are not cooked over fire but instead at low heat (not exceeding 85°C or 185°F) in special temperature-controlled containers.

Our products, cooked slowly at low heat, do not lose their nutritional values.

Thanks to the cooking and packaging method we have developed, our soups are cooked in a computer-controlled environment, untouched by human hands, brewing in their own oil, juices, smell and aromas. What gives our soups their extraordinary flavor is this special cooking method.

Our products contain absolutely no additives and preservatives with only pasteurization applied.

Our products have a shelf life of 4 months in +4°C (+39°F) cold chain.

With the “heat & eat” feature, you only need to heat it to eat. Please shake the box well before opening.

Our products are patented. They cannot be imitated or copied.


Is Doypack an invention or the result of an initiative?

We do not see much difference between the two. In other words, we have not created a new science or technology. What we have done is to take some of the known systems and use them in unprecedented ways to create a type of utility model. In this sense, it can be considered an invention. (We have obtained a patent for our system in Turkey, and the Turkish Patent Institute has also launched an investigation to look into the international rights.)