Over the 20 years of experience

We operate at a 6,000-sqm plant located in Esenyurt, Kıraç, and produce 25,000 packs of 1-liter soups per day.

We combine the 20 years of experience and service we have accumulated in the food and agricultural industry with a special preparation technique, a first of its kind in Turkey and the world, to create Doypack soups.

All the ingredients used in the production of our soups are natural. The vegetables are grown with natural farming methods and carefully harvested in their season. We use absolutely no preservatives or additives in our production facilities.

Production is carried out in a computer-controlled environment and a completely enclosed system, untouched by human hands, cooking at low heat (not exceeding 85°C or 185°F), and by applying a pasteurization process.

Our products are distributed in uninterrupted cold chain, and offered for sale in +4°C (+39°F) cold fridges in supermarkets.